Market Oversight

Self-regulatory Organizations and Clearing Agencies

Self-regulatory Organizations

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Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization

Self-regulatory organizations (SROs) represent their members and regulate the operations, standards of practice, and business conduct of their members.  The Securities Act (Manitoba) and The Commodity Futures Act (Manitoba) give the MSC the power to recognize SROs.  The self-regulatory organization recognized in Manitoba is the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO).  CIRO regulates mutual fund dealers and investment dealers, and acts as the regulation services providers for marketplaces that have retained it as such.

Recognition orders and other documents related to our oversight role can be found at the following links:


Clearing Agencies

A clearing agency provides facilities for buyers and sellers of securities and futures contracts to clear and settle transactions. Under The Securities Act (Manitoba) and The Commodity Futures Act (Manitoba), the MSC has the statutory power to recognize, designate or exempt exchanges. This allows the clearing agency to carry on business in Manitoba and sets out the terms and conditions under which the clearing agencies are regulated.