Due to the possible Canada Post work stoppage in early July 2016, The Manitoba Securities Commission has been advised that effective June 17, 2016 mail service will be discontinued indefinitely.  For more information on how this may impact your dealings with the MSC, please visit http://www.mbsecurities.ca/news/current/canada-post.html How do I start crowdfunding?  Learn more about Manitoba's new crowdfunding exemptions with guides for businesses, investors and funding portals. Make it Count.  A guide to youth money management.  Download the parent or instructor guide! 1 in 3 Manitobans don't recognize investment fraud.  Don't be a victim.  Spot the red flags of fraud and learn how to keep your money safe.  RecognizeInvestmentFraud.ca
The securities division of the Manitoba Securities Commission protects investors and promotes fair and efficient capital markets throughout the province.