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Crowdfunding for PortalsStart-up Crowdfunding Guide for Funding Portals
Start-ups and early stage issuers intending to rely on the start-up crowdfunding exemptions must use a funding portal.

Crowdfunding for InvestorsStart-up Crowdfunding Guide for Investors
Crowdfunding is a process through which an individual or a business can raise small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Crowdfunding for BusinessesStart-up Crowdfunding Guide for Businesses
Crowdfunding is a process through which an individual or a business can raise small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Understanding RegistrationUnderstanding Registration
The category of registration tells you what products and services a firm or individual can offer.

Check Before You InvestCheck before you invest

Use this workbook to record information found when researching an investment individual or firm that you are considering working with.

Questions to ask when choosing a financial adviserQuestions to ask when choosing a financial adviser
A checklist of all the important questions you should be asking your financial adviser when you have a meeting.

Investments 101Investments 101
Important investment information for youth. This information sheet describes different types of investments and how they work. It is a valuable reference for all ages.

Sandwich Generation:Sandwich Generation: Are you caught in the middle?
Helpful tips for people who are responsible for the care and support of dependent children and elderly family members as well as their own financial needs.

Boiler Room ScamsBoiler Room Scams: Could you be Vulnerable
Critical background on boiler room scams, how they work and why they are becoming such a widespread problem.

Your Investment Planning WorksheetScam Artists pursue Adults Over 50
A vital resource on fraud affecting adults over 50, with information on common approach methods and prevalent scams.
Tagalog version

Your Investment Planning WorksheetInvestment Fraud on the Internet
This information sheet summarizes common types of fraud that you may come across on the internet and teaches you how to avoid falling for online scams.

Financial Concerns ChecklistFinancial Concerns Checklist
A checklist of all the important questions you should be asking yourself to determine if you have financial concerns that you should be discussing with an individual that you trust.

When Your Adviser Calls: Take Notes!When Your Adviser Calls: Take Notes!
Reference notepad that ensures you are recording the important details from conversations you have with your financial adviser.

Your Investment Planning WorksheetYour Investment Planning Worksheet
Detailed worksheet to help you establish clear investing goals, identify resources and understand risk. It will assist you in developing an overall investment plan.

Investing Basics: Getting StartedInvesting basics: Getting started
Investing "how-to" manual to help you understand where you want to go with your investments, who you're dealing with, what you're investing in and where to go for help.

Investing in your Child's FutureInvesting in your Child's Future
The basics of RESPs with information on beneficiaries, making contributions and choosing the right RESP for you.

Working with a Financial AdviserWorking with a Financial Adviser
Helpful overview to assist you in selecting a financial adviser, while ensuring you make the best decision possible.

Understanding Mutual FundsUnderstanding Mutual Funds
An informative primer that outlines various types of mutual funds and clarifies different aspects of the industry.

Investments at a GlanceInvestments at a Glance

A detailed overview of various investment types including cash and cash equivalents, fixed income securities, equities and investment funds

Protecting Your Money: Avoiding Frauds and ScamsProtect Your Money: Avoiding Frauds and Scams
Helpful tips on recognizing the red flags of frauds and scams and how to protect your savings.
Tagalog version

Identifying and Preventing Financial AbuseIdentifying and Preventing Financial Abuse: A Guide for Older Manitobans
This guide was developed to help you recognize and prevent financial abuse from happening to both yourself as you age, as well as to the people that you are close to.

The ABCs of Senior Investment FraudThe ABCs of Senior Investment Fraud
As someone who works closely with older people, this guide will help you recognize the red flags of investment fraud, and to respectfully help seniors take action to protect their finances.

I'm Worth ItI'm Worth It
Financial Stories, Ideas and Strategies for Women
This resource provides women with information and tips on how to manage their finances, focusing on real life stories from a variety of women, their struggles and ultimate successes

Make it Count:  Parent's GuideMake it Count
A Parent's Guide to Youth Money Management provides activities, tips and resources to help you incorporate money management lessons into your daily routine.  Also included with the guide are youth and mentor budget and saver sheets.

I'm Worth ItMake it Count
An Instructor's Guide to Youth Money Management provides activities, tips and lesson plans to help you incorporate youth money management into your course of instruction.